Custom Building of bikes for the individual customer remains one of our biggest interests, whether it be a mountain, touring or a tailor made road racing machine, we do them all.

It’s only when you have seen or ridden a proper custom bike that you can really appreciate the art that goes into designing, speccing and building a bike that is totally unique to the owner. It will fit correctly, ride superbly, look awesome and the pride that comes with possessing your very own “special” is a feeling that is hard to beat.

Special or Custom building is undertaken with the customers own needs and budget taken into account at all stages. The type of riding that you will be doing, the locations you will be doing it in and the money you have to spend form the main basic ingredients in the equation.

Striving to use the best quality components available for your bike is crucial and we always ask at all stages before starting the build. Custom builds can come in as cheap as £700 and exceed £5000! However bear in mind that your bike will be ABSOLUTELY unique to you – no others like it!

The build elements, even your wheels if needed, are completed in the shop with a high degree of care and concern. The bike will be 100% ready to ride when you collect,  The bike is built as if it were our very own bike – and we DON’T do compromise!

What is more, on a full custom build with parts sourced from ourselves there is NO CHARGE for labour, the build is GUARANTEED and we include the same PREMIUM SERVICE ARRANGEMENT we supply with every new bike – basically UNLIMITED FREE check up and service work for one year (parts not included).

Delivery usually takes two to 4 weeks, depending on stock levels, a deposit will be asked for and required before the build begins.


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