Wide, Light, Slim, Tough, Tuneable. The DMR Vault is the next generation of the classic V8 and V12 family.


RRP £89.99

• BIG - 115mm x 115mm• LIGHT - 400gms per pair• SLIM - 17mm concave foot bed• TOUGH - Extruded 6061 aluminium and 4140 Cro.Mo steel axles.• TUNEABLE - 11 ‘flipPin’ per pedal can be fitted ‘short’ or ‘long’ to fine tune the grip available• SERVICEABLE - High load DU bush and cartridge bearing

Superlight Ti Axle available separately

Heavy duty Terror Pins available for DH racing.

Spare ‘flipPin’ colour packs available separately

Weight 410 grams (pair) (with Ti Axle upgrade 335 grams (pair)

NB Some product images are displayed with Ti Axle upgrade - all Vault pedals are fitted with 4140 Cro.Mo steel axles, the Ti Axle upgrade is sold seporately.

Review - Bike Radar By Jon Ashelford, Mountain Biking UK



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